Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia

Revision Notes

Topic Area 1: The media industry

1.1 Media Industry Sectors and Products

Sectors of the media industry
Products of the media industry

1.2 Job roles in the media industry

Senior roles

Topic Area 2: Factors influencing product design

2.1 How style, content and layout are linked to the purpose

Style, content and layout

2.2 Client requirements and how they are defined

Client requirements
Client brief formats

2.3 Audience demographics and segmentation

Categories of audience segmentation

2.4 Research methods, sources and types of data

Primary research methods
Secondary research sources
Research data

2.5 Media codes used to convey meaning, create impact and/or engage audiences

Media codes
Ways that meaning, impact and/or engagement are created
Topic Area 3: Pre-production planning

3.1 Work planning

Components of work plans

3.2 Documents used to support ideas generation

Mind map
Mood board

3.3 Documents used to design and plan media products

Asset log
Flow chart
Visualisation diagram
Wireframe layout

3.4 The legal issues that affect media

Legal considerations to protect individuals
Intellectual property rights
Regulation, certification, and classification
Health and safety

Topic Area 4: Distribution considerations

Distribution platforms and media to reach audiences

Platforms and media

Properties and formats of media files

Image files
Audio files
Moving image files
File compression