School Seating Planner Software

There are hundreds of reasons why it is a good idea to make seating plans - from behaviour, to promoting learning, to showcasing class knowledge, to Ofsted. There is only really one reason not to: Time. Creating and maintaining seating plans takes countless hours and teachers are often short of the necessary opportunities to give them the effort they deserve.

The Seating Plan Creator from Learn Computing solves all these problems by creating an easy-to-use digital seating plan for every teaching class in moments instead of hours.

Colour Coding Shows Attainment vs Target or Levels of Progress

All pupils can be given a background colour to show key pupils groups (e.g. pupil premium, statements) and an outline colour to show their current performance versus an aspirational target or levels of progress target.

Stacks of Options!

Plenty of options allow you to show the data you want on your plans. Option not there? Add a custom note. Too many options? Keep it simple and switch them off.

Colour Coding Shows Performance and Key Pupil Groups

Your School Branding Included - A Fully Bespoke Solution

Each plan is customised with your school branding. Excellent for showing unity to those inspectors. Furthermore your plan can be customised to exactly the needs of your school. If you want additional features just talk to us and we will be happy to quote for personalisations.

Fully Customisable by Each Teacher

As a general rule most schools prefer to have a whole school approach to seating plans but this can present difficulties in a few minority cases for some subjects. The solution? Make the software completely customisable by every teacher. The colour codes can be changed and notes can be added to each pupil. This means that any department that wants something slightly different can have it yet the whole school approach is maintained.

Add Your School Colours and Logo for No Extra Charge

Let Teachers Have Ownership of Their Data

This isn't a system that has to be managed centrally by your network manager. It isn't something with complex installation. Simply make a copy for each of your staff and let them engage with their own data! Each teacher is responsible for creating their own seating plans ensuring that the main benefits of creating plans are kept: teachers know their classes, know their data and their planning is enhanced. Is it easy to use? If your staff can use Excel they can use this. See how easy it is to use the class data sheet here:

Add Your Data Using Excel - Press "Go" to Make a Plan


"The seating plan generator provides an efficient, time saving and consistent approach to illustrating essential classroom information, allowing all staff to quickly understand the way a teacher is managing the progress of their students in the classroom." - Dr J Cosgrove, Deputy Headteacher, Sandbach School
"I have launched it with staff who are eternally grateful!" - Philippa Lewis, Assistant Headteacher, Matravers School
"Love the software!" - Nigel Fisher, Headteacher, St Columba's School

One-Off Payment - No Ongoing Costs

Unlike other educational software providers we won't tie you in to any contracts. There is no recurring charges. Once you have the software it is yours to keep. The software is solved on a perpetual site license basis - you can make as many copies as you like within your institution for as long as you like.

Just £499 £349!! when ordered before May half term.

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