Binary Quiz

Teaching different number systems can be tricky. Students generally find it one of the tougher Computing topics. It can be worse for the teacher though as it is us who has to think of all of the practice questions and work out all the answers!

The Learn Computing Number System Quiz helps to solve that problem. Simply give your pupils the link and let them practice on an unlimited number of randomly generated questions. Enjoy your free time.

Bitmap Creator

In this fun-to-use app learners can explore bitmap images by playing a paint-by-numbers game. Get your pupils to recreate classic 4-bit and 8-bit images like Mario or The Hulk. At the same time pupils will learn about resolution, colour depth and converting between binary, hex and decimal.

Vector Creator

Another fun-to-use graphics app to be used in conjunction with the Bitmap Creator. Allows pupils to make mesmerising patterns using vector shapes and at the same time they can learn some of the attributes used to create Scalable Vector Graphics.